Corporate Member Firm Category

      • Moreover, within a Corporate Member Firm, it is required that the Consulting Engineers hold a majority stake in the firm as partners, directors, or shareholders. This requirement emphasizes the importance of Consulting Engineers having a significant role and influence in the overall governance and decision-making processes of the firm. By having a majority presence, Consulting Engineers can actively contribute to strategic planning, business development, and operational decisions, aligning the firm’s activities with their expertise and professional insights. This ensures that the firm remains grounded in the technical knowledge and experience of Consulting Engineers, which in turn enhances the quality and reliability of the consulting services offered by the organization.

The Corporate Member Firm category of membership is specifically designed for consulting firms that primarily employ Consulting Engineers or consultants. In this category, it is crucial that the Consulting Engineers hold financial control over the firm. This means that they have the authority and responsibility for managing the firm’s finances, ensuring that financial decisions are made by individuals with expertise in engineering and consulting practices. By having Consulting Engineers in control of the firm’s financial matters, the organization aims to maintain a strong focus on technical excellence and sound financial management within the consulting industry.


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