About Us

The Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana (ACEB) is a Non-Profit Organization situated in Broadhurst Industrial – Gaborone. Our primary objective is to advance the profession of consulting engineers and actively participate in national and international affairs that impact the field. By doing so, we strive to enhance the collective reputation and economic well-being of our members.

ACEB holds full membership in FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and FIDIC Africa. FIDIC is an international organization that organizes seminars, conferences, and other events to promote similar objectives. FIDIC Africa, formerly known as GAMA, represents the interests of the industry within the African region and provides support to FIDIC activities at both national and regional levels. Additionally, the group organizes the annual FIDIC Africa Conference, a significant networking and capacity-building event for the consulting engineering sector across Africa.

As an organization, ACEB actively promotes the principles upheld by these two associations. We play a vital role in the sale, distribution, and utilization of FIDIC Documentation within the construction industry in Botswana. Moreover, we offer online training courses to facilitate the fulfillment of the associations’ mandate and contribute to the professional growth of our members.


The Vision of ACEB is to be the voice of the Consulting Engineering Industry in Botswana


The Mission of ACEB is to improve the business climate and guide the consulting industry through the promotion of superior knowledge, skill and innovation for the benefit of Botswana.
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