The Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana (ACEB) represents consulting engineers in Botswana, it is a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), and is a member of FIDIC Africa which comprises of FIDIC member associations in Africa. The main objective of ACEB is to be the voice of consulting engineers in Botswana and to promote the advancement of the profession.

ACEB has demonstrated throughout the years their commitment towards improving the business climate in the Consulting Engineering Industry in Botswana, something that is embedded in their Mission Statement. This commitment is specific to the promotion of superior engineering knowledge, skill, and innovation. It is also demonstrated further in the core values of ACEB, which include integrity, professionalism, and social responsibility, among others. It is therefore our belief as ACEB that awarding excellence is a crucial means of advancing the mission and vision of ACEB and driving the industry to a prosperous future.

Through this annual event, ACEB is envisioning a platform to showcase the exceptional contribution of local engineering consultants and their clients towards sustainable infrastructure development in Botswana. The hope is that through celebrating local consulting engineer’s outstanding workmanship, the spirit of excellence will continue to grow and drive Local consulting engineers to deliver world class infrastructure for the benefit of all citizens and residents of Botswana.