8 - 9 April 2024

Improving Claim Management Activities from a Contractor´s, Employer´s and Engineer’s Perspective

Ensuring that staff using FIDIC contracts can manage claims & disputes. The course addresses all who are involved in the management and administration of FIDIC based contracts, with a focus on the management of Employers´ and Contractors´ claims, including the pursuit, defense, and the assessment of claims by the Engineer or Employer´s Representative.

Claim Management is an element of risk management and requires a variety of skills from all who are involved. It involves programming, calculation, and psychological and cultural skills. The course provides the necessary inside information. It will help to avoid inflated claims and abuse of right as well as unnecessary foreclosure of claims.

Early registration: Before March 29, 2024 Late Registration: After March 29, 2024

DATE: 7th – 8th May 2024

Ensuring Experienced Practitioners Can Manage and Act upon Dispute Adjudication Boards

This practical training course or seminar, provided by a FIDIC certified and accredited trainer with extensive international experience, explains and illustrates the practical use and management of FIDIC Dispute Adjudication Boards (DABs) [1999 Ed.] or FIDIC Dispute Avoidance and Adjudication Boards [2017 Ed.] from commencement to the completion of the Works under FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction & Design & Build.

The course or seminar is designed to help the participants have confidence in working with the FIDIC Red and Yellow Book whether representing employers, consultants or contractors. It is also aimed to provide dispute resolvers with the relevant knowledge. In addition to that, this module also includes a chapter on the use of arbitration as a final resort. Case studies are included. The tutor provides detailed checklists to support the FIDIC procedures as well as extensive engineering & contractual work exercises.

Early registration: Before April 27, 2024 Late Registration: After April 27, 2024

DATE: Date to be Announced

Integrity, Transparency vs Conflict of Interest, Corruption & Other Fraudulent Practices

This training course is based on the FIDIC Guidelines for Integrity Management (FIM) in the consulting industry (First Edition 2011). Part 1 thereof [Policies and principles] describes the FIDIC Integrity Management System (FIMS). The course was much appreciated and has prompted amazing and fruitful discussions on various practices, mistakes, and no-goes in Botswana.

The course is frequently attended by procurement officers, contract managers (Engineers and similar), anti-corruption agents, and members of the public attorney department, contractors’ representatives, etc. It provides attendees with leadership knowledge, guidance on how to identify conflict of interest and potential corruption practices, and FIDIC anti-corruption strategies combined with guidance on procurement and contract management.

The course is up to date and covers FIDIC 1999 and FIDIC 2017 conditions of contract.


The training is tailored to cater to the specific needs of each participant, ensuring a well-rounded and personalized learning experience.