The aCEB Future Leaders is the group of young professionals of the Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana (ACEB). It was formed in 2004 with the intention of providing FLs with the opportunity to participate actively in ACEB with their peers and to develop the next generation of consulting engineering industry leaders. As a leadership committee, the Future Leaders Council (FLC) was formed to develop communication and networking opportunities for all FLs involved in the ACEB community.

ACEB Future Leaders

ACEB Secretariat


To unite, support and represent Young Professionals in the ACEB membership by providing a unified voice for Young Professionals throughout the ACEB Communities through a variety of forums, events, and communication mechanisms.


To promote active participation in the Future Leaders to all member firms of ACEB and ensure that their voice influences the behaviour of ACEB and of society.

future Leaders Committees

Together We can






The core mandate of the Business Development Committee in the ACEB Future Leaders forum is to increase the revenue of the forum in the form of sponsorships from member firms and any other companies as it is a non- profit-making organization to ensure the activities planned runs smoothly. The other role of the commute it to ensure that the business guide is relevant and appropriate.

The core mandate of the Membership Committee in the ACEB Future Leaders forum is to improve the experience of Young Professionals in the Consulting Engineering Industry and expand the reach of the ACEB-FL in order to welcome new members.

The core mandate of the Mentorship Committee In The ACEB Future Leaders Forum Is To enhance the image of the engineering profession as well as focusing on the development of young professionals in the industry.

The core mandate of the Network Committee in the ACEB Future Leaders forum is to help run the ACEB and ACEB FL social media platforms and provide any Technical support to both ACEB and ACEB-FL.